Saturday, February 19, 2011

under the shadow of His wing

I keep. I keep under the shadow of His wings. 
Therefore, I reap pearls. 

A boggled mind these days, aching to connect with those that are caregivers for elderly parents, and more importantly to share my journey. Sometimes the thought surfaces, "I will be glad when things get back to normal." Normal? Where does that come from and where is it going to take me? If I am able to manage a brisk walk around the block, my mind clears somewhat; walking and praying go hand in hand. 

Many mornings I find myself sitting in the sunroom crying just as dawn emerges. Tears of release, the begininngs of preparing my heart for whatever may surface that day.

So here it is, my very first post. I do not know exactly where things will go from here, I just knew I had to record it somewhere or the" boggles in me would explode!

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