Wednesday, September 28, 2011

timeless truths

Back when cross stitching occupied my days, I stitched this picture as a gift for my Mother. When it came time to move her from her house to a care facility and to bring Daddy to my house in order to care for him in his last days, I snatched it off her guest bedroom wall. I promptly positioned it on the sun room windows.

 Now that school has begun back in full, my two visits a day to be with my Mother has inevitably slipped into one visit daily. My aching heart says sitting with her all day would not make it any less poignant. I only get one go at this type of keeping. Constantly I question if I am doing the very best I can. It is my heartfelt desire to honor my dear Mother and to honor my Sovereign God. In the process I want to walk and not grow weary, to run and not faint.

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Pieces of Sunshine said...

To walk and not grow weary, sounds like a good measure of how to judge your use of time and emotional reserves.