Thursday, April 28, 2011

keeping her safe

She falls.

Quite often Mother falls. Sometimes the damage done is more serious than at other times. She forgets she can not walk, gets up from her wheel chair and downs she tumbles, hard.  Such was the case this week and her face took a beating.

The girls and I visited with her and wheeled her chair outside to the bright and sunny patio. She smiled and said it was warm.

We watched the fish in the pond and drew her attention to the azaleas in bloom. As long as I am with her I know she is safe. I am learning how to apply the locks to her wheelchair, to keep my eyes on her at all times and to remind her not to get up.

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Pieces of Sunshine said...

You are doing something beautiful.

My father suffered Parkinson's disease and dementia for about 15 years before going to be with Jesus last June. My mother cared for him at home for as long as possible, then he had several years in nursing care close to my mothers home.

Mum would go once or twice a day to help feed and care for him, yet still kept up with her many other works of service, including teaching scripture in some local public schools. My two siblings and I had left home many years ago to raise our own families. Mum will be 70 next week.