Thursday, April 18, 2013

journal entry dated April 18, 2012

Mother is having a true decline.

It's obvious and different than before, yet there are some definite similarities. She has rallied before- so this might be another pit stop along the way.We don't know- and that is what makes it so difficult. But interestingly enough, I have a peace this time- assurance of His control. Trust in Him answering my prayer. Now, prayer for peace for my mother- no fear. I will pray....continuously.

The Boxer is away- in Atlanta- he will be back later this evening, 8:00 or so-

It rained with thunder, lightening, and extremely hard rains during the night- a deluge. I had turned on the AC because yesterday's warm temperatures had heated up the house, especially upstairs.
But during the night, after getting up to check on Mother, I opened a window. I heard the rains.

Charlotte and I watched "Ladies in Lavender". I love the music! It's in the cart from Amazon.

I pray for fine tuning with Mother...for today. After all there's only today.

Miss Read died several days ago. I love her books.

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