Monday, April 22, 2013

journal entry dated April 22, 2012

The train whistle is clear on days like this...people going places.

I went to bed last night beside an opened window. There was the sound of gentle steady rain. Even this morning there is the feel and sight of more rain. But it is a perfect day. A day given to us by a loving heavenly Father. Such peace. I wish it could be bottled and shared; these past two days of peace that truly passes all understanding has been unbelievable. Sweet and flowing. I am so thankful.
                                                            We wait still.

Gail and Tim came for a few hours yesterday afternoon. While they was here, we went out for a short while. Gail helped me change Mother. No aid will be coming tonight because it seems so futile to pay an aid to just sit there. Rose and I will change her and turn her later.
No meds or food , no real pain or discomfort, for the most part.

I believe Mother will be beginning eternity very soon. I woke up this morning- tears- the beginning of the grief process- on a different realm. There are realms of grief. But this was one of the good ones.

It is amazing to me to look back and see His provision in every matter.

I prayed with Mother. I read her scripture, John 14. I recited Psalm 23, and I sang hymns. I even crawled in beside her in bed, but it caused her discomfort, and she did let me know. But I so wanted her not to be afraid. There were times yesterday she was, I think.

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